Timing is everything: best time to send your email campaign

In this guide you will learn about the best time to send your email campaign and how to determine the best time for the delivery of the email campaign

Timing is everything: best time to send your email campaign

Have you ever asked yourself, "what's the best time to send email campaigns"?

When we talk about email marketing, we want to ensure that our message hits the right user at the perfect time to drive interaction and Return on investment. Customers are overloaded with marketing messages, and if you don't deliver your message when your audience is more likely to connect, it can get ignored in the shuffle.

As many marketing experts realize how time is linked to their actions, they're eager to concentrate on the right time to blow up their interactions. Although delivering emails at an inappropriate time will definitely lead to lower levels of engagement.

With a greater understanding of the issues, you will use the "time factor" to benefit and help set up your successful campaigns.

Discovering the best time to send email campaigns

Day of the Week:

When it comes to sending email campaigns, a research by Hubspot found that the emails sent on Tuesdays have a 20 percent more possibility of being opened than normal clicks sent on every other day of the week. 

Another research performed by Omnisend found that the best day to send an email campaign is Thursday.

Although their analysis focused primarily on the right moment to send newsletters, They also found that Mondays and Saturdays are not the best days to send out marketing messages.

In negotiations with Omnisend, GetResponse's report indicates that Tuesday is the ideal day to sending your marketing emails if you're looking for a higher ROI.

Although weekends might not be ideal for B2B businesses, it is worth trying for online shops. So if you're trying to experiment with your scheduling, give the weekends a chance when there's a lot less competitive pressure.

Remember that your competitor also wants to use the best time to deliver their emails. Keep on trying different days to figure out what fits best for them.

Now you've got an idea of what day of the week would do well with your emails, but the journey doesn't stop here.

Points to remember

  • Tuesday and Thursday are considered the best days for higher conversions and CTR.
  • Avoid sending emails over the weekend
  • Give Wednesday a shot if you're aiming for an alternate evaluation day.

Time of day

The time of day that you send marketing messages will make or break a connection with your subscribers.

If you Share emails at the wrong time, your unsubscribe rate will rise dramatically. But if you send them at the right time, your subscribers will convert into paying customers.

The secret to choosing the best time for sending your emails depends on your target audiences.

Omnisend found that emails sent during usual job breaks had the greatest outcomes regarding openings and clicks.

In Omnisend's analysis, the open email rate increased at 8 a.m., with an average of 20 percent. However, the organization advises submitting email messages at 5 p.m. since this is the optimal time for Click-Through Rates.

According to GetResponse information, emails received around 1 p.m. bring successful outcomes.

Note the number of emails sent during the morning times. Although sending out the emails in the morning can result in a higher open rates, they may also be lost in the shuffle.

Aim to catch the right time:

  • While prospective people search their emails before they work;
  • While they've got a few minutes to kill after the meal;
  • When going back home; or
  • when they reach home

When you have a client base that lives in various time zones, things get even more tricky. In that case, there are two options:

Find the midway point where most of your subscribers will get in touch with your emails;

Send emails depending on the time zone of the user, whether you use a CRM like HubSpot.

Finally, remember to understand the business, your target demographic, and their behaviors. No matter what the statistics suggests, the viewer will decide the right time to read your emails.

Points to remember

  • Emails received at 8 a.m., 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. are the highest. Use these time slots as a starting point.
  • Consider submitting emails depending on the time zone of each receiver.
  • Recognize your future buyer (target audience) and send emails when you might catch your attention, such as hours of transport and work breaks.
  • Holidays can also be the best time to send email campaigns resulting in a higher CTR.

Understand your demographics

Understanding the audience is the utmost important task you can do to make email campaigns a success.

  • If you're approaching a youthful, tech-obsessed audience, you ignore the general trick of not sending emails at night time. Evening emails will work just fine for younger viewers.
  • What if you want to meet tech-savvy customers in cold-weather climates? We assume they spend a lot of time reading emails on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Don't forget to recognize the target audience time zone – you certainly want to configure email times based on where your customers live.

The final answer to the "best time to send your email campaign" Question

Your emails' timing is useless on its own—unless you continuously refine your emails for better conversions.

With small enhancements, you can write more convincing email subject lines, engage more narrative subscribers, and craft higher-level email CTAs.

Remember to evaluate the group and run A/B experiments to figure out what works perfectly for them. 

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