The 6 best Website Hosting Provider in 2021

In this post you will learn how to choose the best website hosting provider in 2021. Look at merits and demerits of all the listed web hosting providers.

The 6 best Website Hosting Provider in 2021

Are you searching for the best website hosting provider or website hosting service to get your website online?

You're lucky because, with many choices available today, it's very easier to get our website online.

Website hosting providers take care of all the technological stuff and you're going to love casually upgrading your website.

And the great thing is that most of them are quite affordable, which lets entrepreneurs quickly grasp their market.

That's why we have created a list of best website hosting service in 2021

In this post, we will discuss:

  • What exactly web hosting providers do?
  • How to select ideal web hosting service for your company's website;
  • Best web hosting services of 2021

So let's start with

What exactly website hosting providers do?

The key role of a website hosting service is to make your website online so that audience can view it.

For this reason, the website hosting provider will give you 3 major things:

Domain: The URL of your website is that people enter in their browsers to go to your website.

E.g., a domain name that people use to visit our website. Your hosting company will let you pick a domain names for your websites and let you know if it has already been used.

Server: The server is the system that hosts the website over the web. It is also important for engaging traffic to your website. Your web hosting service provider can 'host' the website on one of their servers so that users can access it via the internet.

Storage Space: You can have text, pictures, videos and other multimedia files together with your codes. Your web hosting provider will give you a specific room where you can store all the code and media resources of your website.

These are the basic functionalities that every web hosting providers offer.

In addition to these 3 core features, website hosting companies also provide extra features. In the next segment, we'll glance at these various features. Hence, it's simple for you to determine which hosting service you need for your website.

How to select an ideal web hosting service for your company's website

Your website hosting company will offer you a range of choices when you go to them for web hosting services.

If you jump in too fast, you could get into something that isn't right for your organization.

But don't let any uncertainty falls into your head.

Instead, stay calm while we're providing you with two major considerations you need to be mindful before you make a decision.

What kind of hosting do you require?

As mentioned above, the website hosting provider will provide you with a server where your website will be online. 

Shared hosting and VPS hosting

Let's learn the difference between these two.

Shared Hosting

In a shared hosting system, the website gets online on the same server as other internet sites. The server's assets, such as Random Access Memory, storage space, CPU, are shared by the server's websites.

Hosting the websites on shared servers is the most inexpensive choice. It's a perfect option if your website is about to launching, and you don't have regular visitors on your website.

This is because you don't require a larger storage space or resources that heavy traffic pages require.

If your website receives a heavy volume of visitors, you do not opt for this form of hosting.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

In a VPS system, the website gets online, but in an autonomous environment.

This method of hosting is more costly. But you get more control, which means that your website can manage substantially more visitors and process more customer request.

If you have a reputable company and expect many visitors, get Virtual Private Server to host your website.

Moreover, if your website is mostly informational or doesn't receive a good amount of traffic, this hosting style is not suggested. That's because if you have a low traffic, you're going to waste your money.

SSL certificate or Not?

There is no debate in this field. You must need a Secure Socket Layer certificate for your website.

SSL Certificate will protect the website and consumer data and ensure that no foreign hacker will access it. This is extremely helpful if you run a website where consumers are expected to input confidential details such as email, credit card information, and personal information.

Here's what the SSL credential is doing:

  • Encrypts all data flowing between the website and guests; this means that an attacker can't see what data is being shared about its guests.
  • Put a green padlock on internet browsers of the visitors, when they reach your website.
  • Moreover, the domain name would start with 'HTTPS:\\' rather than the usual 'HTTP:\\'

If you add an SSL certification to your website, you will be ranked higher by Google in your google search. This also makes SSL valuable from an SEO viewpoint.

What should you look in a reliable web hosting provider?

In the sections above, we addressed how you would choose between the web hosting service's various plans. The basic functionality we described above should be offered by the web hosting service, i.e. secure hosting, SSL certificate, your own domain, etc.

Yet that's not all of it. You should also concentrate on what kind of facilities and help your web hosting company can offer you after subscribed to their hosting package.

Here are a few things you might be searching for:

Truly Unrestricted Plans: Some hosting services advertise unlimited space storage or latency and cover it at a certain amount.

Excellent Support Staff: You might have some technical issues after hosting the website.

Your website hosting service should offer you with outstanding assistance in this respect. Their specialists should be able to overcome any hosting issues you might have easily.

Good Quality Training: Your hosting company can provide you with significant tools to handle your hosted website.

Additional Services: Does your web hosting service promise to back up your data daily, patch your glitches and upgrade your server-side software? Ensure they do so; you will save a lot of time on the upkeep of the website.

Reliability: The website hosting service provider can guarantee that your website is online 24*7. It's not meant to fail or go down needlessly.

Your website hosting service should also take security actions against attackers to keep the website secure and fast. More specifically, they can resolve your issues by supplying you with outstanding customer support.

Best web hosting providers of 2021

Below are our picks for the best web hosting solutions in 2021

1. Bluehost

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In our web hosting provider list, the highest spot is occupied by Bluehost. Nearly 20 years old, this Utah-based corporation is owned by the web giant EIG, which operates more than 2000000 websites worldwide.

 Their 24x7x365 specialist service is still available to assist you anytime you need it by mobile, email, or chat rooms.

They are number 1 in small business website hosting solution. WordPress Beginner users are also given an exclusive 63 per cent discount, a Free Domain, a Free SSL certificate, and a free Web Designer with many template options.

Advantages of Bluehost

+ Perfect uptime - 99.99 percent

+ Top 5 speeds - 405 ms

+ One-Click-Install feature for WordPress users

+ Convenient to use, easy to use for beginners

+ Free domain and website builder

+ 24/7 assistance

Disadvantages of Bluehost

Special offers on longer plans only

2. Hostgator

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HostGator hosts more than 8 million domains and is one of the most common web hosting providers in the industry. With one-click WordPress download, 99.9 per cent uptime warranty and 24/7 service, it's a good option for any website user.

It also offers an incredible range of hosting services at very affordable prices, ranging from domains to VPS hosting and sponsored by a 99.9 per cent uptime commitment.  This relates to their VPS hosting services as well as all of their other options for hosting.

All hosting plans with a convenient 45-day money return guarantee.

Advantages of HostGator

+ top five uptime (99.99 per cent)

+ Top 5 speeds (399 ms)

+ Free transfer to the website

+ No bandwidth and limit of data

+ Several positions in the data centre

+ Unrestricted Emails

Disadvantages of HostGator

– very high cost of the renewal

3. GoDaddy

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GoDaddy is one of the top hosting solutions with over 44, 00000 websites. The organization has Fourteen facilities globally and is regarded as one of the world's largest domain registrars.

GoDaddy is a perfect solution for creating websites as it is equipped with a quick website creator built for newcomers. It also provides developer-friendly resources such as MySQL, cPanel, CloudLinux, Python, and various PHP versions.

You get a free domain name with an annual contract, one-click relocation, regular backups, redundant firewalls, malware detection, DDoS security, and automated WordPress updates, compelling caching rules to improve performance, one-click organizing, and more.

Advantages of Godaddy

+ Decent loading time - 554 ms

+ Decent uptime - 99.97 percent

+ Storage of 100GB website

+ links to the cPanel and the website designer

+ 99.90 per cent uptime assurance

Disadvantages of Godaddy

– SSL & e-mail cost extra

– No transfers to the site

4. A2 hosting

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A2 Hosting is a popular hosting provider known for its ultra-fast and stable hosting services and good technical assistance. They were founded in 2002 as a developer-friendly hosting company that provides all the functionality and additional features you need to build your website.

They managed to reach an outstanding average loading speed of 317 ms for a span of 2 years.

A2 Hosting is easy since their servers are designed for WordPress websites and use the LiteSpeed cache.

Since we've checked more than 30+ joint web hosting firms, none of them is as responsive as A2.

Besides standard pooled hosting, they also provide dedicated VPS and reseller hosting for web developers.

Advantages of A2 Hosting

+ Fastest loading time - 317 ms

+ Streamlined servers

+ Unrestricted space and computing space

+ 24/7 support for "Guru" chat

+ 20+ e-mail addresses

Disadvantages of A2 Hosting

– Average uptime; (99.93 per cent)

– Lower cost of the renewal

5. Hostinger

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Hostinger is one of the major providers of a free web hosting provider with its unique Webhosting brand. It has over 30,00000 subscribers with some of the lowest rates due to low operating costs and overheads.

Hostinger tends to use its own technologies to help monitor performance and functionality at a significantly lower expense.

The organization provides a range of hosting plans with various functionality, and all packages come with simple site builder, free SSL licence, 99.9 per cent uptime warranty, and 24 * 7 service.

Advantages of Hostinger

+ Top 2 loading speed (350 ms)

+ Low price $0.99 per month)

+ Data centres in the USA, Europe & Asia

+ Free SSL Certification

+ 24/7 chat service

Disadvantages of Hostinger

– There is no open domain

– Reduced bandwidth on a low-cost contract

6. Site5

Site5 is a web hosting service established in 1998 but later acquired by EIG– a global ISP that also operates better-performing companies such as Bluehost and HostGator.

Because Site5 doesn't have any functionality that beginners might profit from, it's probably a safer option for a web developer or programmer who wants to use them as an economic profit.

All their policies come with a market-wide 30-day money return guarantee.

Advantages of Site5

+ Decent time for uptime (99.99 per cent)

+ above normal speed (629 ms)

+ Unrestricted migration

+ Bandwidth/storage unmetered

Disadvantages of Site5

– Expensive pricing –

– a small, low-cost package (10,000 visits)

– Domain is not free


We've narrowed it down to our top 6 picks for the best website hosting providers.

You will find the best website hosting service for your needs from these companies, whether you are looking for the lowest cost or the most efficient services, or anything in between.

The best website hosting providers of 2021

  1. Bluehost
  2. HostGator
  3. GoDaddy
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. Hostinger
  6. Site5

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