Power of preheaders: How to increase your open rates

In this article you will learn about email preheaders and how they can increase your available rates through effective email marketing.

Power of preheaders: How to increase your open rates

It's hard to keep your emails open nowadays. Read on to learn about email preheaders and how they can increase your available rates through effective email marketing.

Usually, a person receives more than a hundred emails a day. And, we live in a mad-busy world, where the focus span is getting progressively shorter. People are selective and self-centered throughout their time. They're going to ignore everything that won't add value to their lives.

To maximize your emails' chances of being opened and viewed, you need to expand every part of the campaign thoroughly.

How can that be?

By improving your preheader text

This article will look into strategies you can use to write engaging preheader text that will push users to open your emails. 

Let's start with the introduction of the preheader text.

What are preheaders?

Preheader text is a text segment representing the subject line while an email is opening in the mailbox.

It aims to present the context of the message to the receiver.

The preheader is a vital aspect of the email.

A successful preheader helps your subject line and raises your chances of opening emails.

Companies prefer email to connect with their potential customers, but there is one universal problem facing all companies; to get their emails opened by the target audiences.

Email marketing is among the most productive ways to market your consumer base; it helps build interactions with current or leading customers by communicating individually to them.

Preheader text in emails is now becoming a subtle way to attract users and plays a massive part in your emails' opening.

Are Preheaders effective?

1. The Chance of stopping your emails going into Spam Folder

According to Statista, spam emails contributed to 48.16% of email traffic globally as of March 2018. It's around 14.5 billion spam messages sent per day. No wonder people can press the 'mark as spam' button when an email appears strange.

A successful preheader will help you set aside the fear of spam folders and maximize distribution. A concise summary or an outline of your email suggests the importance of your message to your followers. As an effect, they don't consider your mails as spam.

2. Email preheaders proved to increase openings sharply.

Marketing Experiments were surveyed to decide if there is a link between the preheader and the email opens. They delivered two emails of the same subject line, but one big difference—one had a preheader, and the other was ordinary. Here are the effects of this.

The preheader text email saw a significant 104 percent rise in clicks relative to the one without the preheader.

3. Increasing smartphone users

We're living in a tech-savvy world.

Email Preheaders are common in smartphones. Far more people start by looking at it to judge whether to open the email or not.

A year-long survey by Return Path showed that, on average, 55 percent of emails opened came from smartphones, while 28 percent came from web-based email clients, and just 16 percent came from computer clients.

According to eMail Monday, as many as 70% of emails with preheaders are viewed on mobile devices. Additionally, smartphone users are testing their email 3x faster than laptop users.

Preheaders help email receivers better recognize the source of the email. Because people spend just a few seconds determining whether to read an email, the preheader text can maximize open rates.

How long should an ideal preheader text be?

It's tricky to decide the ideal length of a decent preheader text.

Different email accounts show a range of characters.

The magic number of shooting is about 40-75 characters. Since the typical Word in English has 4.79 letters, this allows you 8-15 words to express something important enough to draw the receiver's interest.

Consider your preheader like a little tweet. Leading the essential factor of your email

Also, note that the length of the preheader text is related to your subject line's size. The smaller your subject, the longer your preheader gets, and vice versa. 

Simple Tips For Creating An Enticing Preheader

1. Questions are a perfect way to engage the reader.

You immediately engage audiences when you ask a question. Zettasphere has confirmed that the query subject line 'are we still welcome in your inbox?' increased the sentence topic line by 143 percent.

You may also extend the influence of questions to the preheader text.

2. Use Relevant emojis

Nowadays, Emojis are trending in email marketing; for a good cause.

Emojis add contrast and artistic appeal, making the email stand out from competitors.

Experian has done studies on the inclusion of emojis in the subject of the message. According to the report, the click-through rate of emojis in the subject line was 56percent higher than in the plain subject line.

3. Don't forget to mention CTA's

A strong quote will draw the reader in easily.

Owing to their pitifulness, quotations are ideally matched to preheaders. There are plenty of quotes that suit every subject in a niche. (available on Google)

But please ensure that the quotation is valid and useful.

4. Call the target audience by their name.

Another simple way to build a strong preheader is to identify the viewer accurately.

By specifically presenting your audience, you attract someone who interacts with it.

Highlighting preheaders properly in the inbox

  • The first choice is not to show a preheader; instead, several businesses will use the first several words of their email structure rather than the preheader text. If this choice is effective, please ensure you have a fantastic opening line in your inbox, leading to less workload for you!
  • The next choice is to make a preheader noticeable. Add a preheader in your email.
  • The last choice you have is to use secret email preheaders, which allows you to have preheader text that matches the subject and is hidden in the prototype until the email is open. This is a perfect choice if you decide to improve your subject line or include essential details that you don't want to use in your email structure.

Optimization of Preheaders: Key To More Opens

Without question, preheaders are the most undervalued and underappreciated component of email marketing.

There's a fierce fight for attention in the mailbox.

Invest your time in the preheaders. It will strengthen your email marketing campaigns.

If you position your cards correctly, you're going to reap beautifully—higher open rates, higher click through rates, higher sales.

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