LifeMail review: Next-Generation Email Marketing Platform

LifeMail is the Latest Generation App that helps you deliver Limitless Emails to Unlimited Users For Unrestricted Income With One Tap & No Monthly Charge!

LifeMail review: Next-Generation Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing has become one of the easiest and most effective ways to sell something online. That's why any marketer needs to use this marketing platform to make big profits. However, the issue is that most of Email Autoresponder Services:

  • Don't let you migrate your list, or if they do, you will lose 20-30percent of your lead when trying to import it.
  • Charge of high monthly fees
  • Provide bad delivery of emails to the mailbox, So you get less available, clicks and purchases, and your profile will be banned instantly.

To stop this competitive loop, Amit Gaikwad & Anirudh Baavra have just launched The Most Effective Email Marketing App, "LifeMail," which will deliver your mails directly to the inbox and improve the opt-in rate. With zero professional knowledge, zero headache, zero grunt jobs!

Are you involved? Let's read all the information in the LifeMail Review below.

What's a LifeMail?

Deciding where you're going to spend your marketing resources is not a decision you're taking lightly. You know that you need to draw new buyers to keep your current clients coming in. Yet you can't afford to waste time or money on something which isn't going to yield the results you're hoping for.

An email marketing strategy is a cost-effective approach that allows you to meet consumers where most people use every day—their inbox. People are searching for emails to hear about new goods to purchase what's useful for them.

We've all heard that the money is in the email lists, but starting up with email marketing can be hard and, more specifically, very expensive… but not more with LifeMail

LifeMail is the Latest Generation App that helps you deliver Limitless Emails to Unlimited Users For Unrestricted Income With One Tap & No Monthly Charge!

In short, LifeMail is an affiliate-friendly Email autoresponder that offers you all the features you'd expect from pricey subscription-based applications that can cost you more than a hundred bucks, all for a small fraction of the price...

You can have lifetime access to LifeMail with a one-time charge of $16.93. It's a cloud-based autoresponder that blows the market out of the waters with features like-

  • Sends Limitless Communications and 100 percent Automation.
  • hundreds of high conversion templates tested
  • Effective segmentation marks
  • Support Limitless SMTP 
  • Enhanced Inboxing 
  • Pixel Positioning for Retargeting Integrations with all 150 applications from around the world through Zapier
  • The full phase of step video training used.
  • Newbie oriented GDPR Can-Spam Compatible 
  • 100% All-Inclusive Framework 
  • and much more…

LifeMail is the world's most efficient cloud-based online marketing automation platform that lets you send your emails directly to the mailbox and improve your opt-in rates without any extra effort or cost.

It's a product that I use for my own company and enjoy the full delivery. It's like your own autoresponders like Aweber without costing monthly and offers complete email marketing power in just three basic stages. You can import infinite lists and make use of any other functionality that your IM room requires.

It is fully user-friendly and will allow you to send limitless emails and follow-up with your leads instantly, and handle them without any complicated issues. You will also see the entire real-time operation of subscribers and figure out which individual campaigns produce the best outcomes.

So, think how you'd feel if you had the untapped ability to turn leads into customers by pressing a button. There is little grunt work involved as this program is thoroughly checked and tested and can provide shiploads of dollars from the email marketing efforts with a minimal time and resources spent.

Remember my words; it's the perfect opportunity for you to simplify your email marketing efforts and get more mail sent to your mailbox by tomorrow morning.

And this isn't it. The developer also offers easy-to-understand video tutorials that will make it quick and easy to understand. 

So don't wait to find out the next sections of this LifeMail Review as I demonstrate to you how useful it is!

Get LifeMail Now with These Bonuses

Lifemail Major Features

Let's find out the Major Features that make LifeMail The Biggest Game Changer in email marketing:

Export Unrestricted Subscribers without missing a single email ID.

LifeMail requires you to download an infinite list of subscribers, and the best thing is that you won't miss a single email in the process. So, you may openly mail to your subscriber base without any limitations whatsoever.

Most email marketing services charge a high price for storing the lists, so stop spending a massive rental fee just to retain the list even though you don't mail it.

They also require a double opt-in before they can be imported so that you miss 20-30percent of the total of your subscribers everywhere. But with LifeMail, it's all going to be a case of the past age.

Submit Unrestricted Mails Immediately or Plan them Later

Yeah, the future is looking bright for mailing with LifeMail. It helps you send infinite emails or newsletters through your own SMTP provider and get rid of constant email marketing problems. Only customize your SMTP settings once and forget about it permanently. You can send emails directly or plan them for a specific time and date.

Generate more future subscribers with our enticing built-in lead type.

Lead forms are the best way to produce eligible leads and create a large base of cash-paying customers for your company. Holding this in mind, LifeMail lets you draw even more subscribers to your website, e-commerce or WordPress pages with an eye-catching lead generation process.

What you have to do is: copy the line of code and add it to your web.

Boost your email distribution, click and open your rate

Opens and click rates give you an accurate understanding of how the campaign works. Today, all advertisers want to have their mails sent to the mailbox, clicked and delivered on time, which is what LifeMail is all about.

Today, all advertisers want to have their mails placed in the inbox, clicked and received on time, which is what LifeMail is all about.

It improves your delivery, taps and unlocks the rate and allows you complete control of your promotions.

Using smart tags to section the subscribers and send unique emails

It's a piece of art. Using this New & Super Powerful feature, you can add tags to and straightforwardly segment your subscriptions. You can now send emails exclusively to subscribers connected to some smart tag or party.

Reduce the amount of bounce

Higher bounce rates spoil your picture and get gloomy with every bounce. You will get rid of all the skipped and spammed emails with LifeMail. LifeMail and

LifeMail will immediately delete emails that have been counted as bounces and make a list transparent without any hard work.

Inbuilt Text & Inline Editor to create the best emails

You can build quick text emails or HTML e-mails with the Live Inline editor function to send the best e-mails for optimum interaction. It's all designed to draw, catch, cultivate and transform your potential.

Fits smoothly for almost every SMTP server

It fits well with Amazon SES, Send-grid or about every Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server out there to send your emails easily. You can even set up your own Simple Mail Transfer Protocol in seconds.

Fits easily with free email services 

Don't hesitate if you don't want to buy an SMTP server. It's all perfect for FREE email services, including Google, Yahoo & Outlook. Only create your account, and you're ready to go.

You can also throttle & schedule the frequency of the emails an hour you like to send according to your hosting provider's policies.

Lifemail is compliant with CAN-SPAM.

Provides a one-click unsubscribe user-friendly functionality, which can significantly mitigate spam issues and builds credibility stronger.

Manage your customers hassle-free LifeMail allows you the best way to search, sort or tidy up your subscriptions in never-ending queues. You should find out about a subscriber.

You will find a user out of a list of hundreds with just 1 press. Track repeat contributions and backup your list with LifeMail in no time.

LifeMail's all-in-one cloud-based email marketing platform is designed to provide optimum accuracy, ease and performance. And to make things better, they made it a cloud-based network. All you need to do is download it, and LifeMail is all yours.

Boost sales and increase revenues

Email marketing is storming the globe, and if you're hunting for the perfect way to deliver the best emails to draw more clients, LifeMail is the best one out of the others.

You might submit a free whitepaper, more detail about your items, a "subscriber-only" discount, or even tailor mails to challenge your consumers to take action. Your intuition and ingenuity are actually the only constraints, and you have countless chances to raise your Return on investment.

Customize your mails to have high opening rates

Now, this is something that will also prove to be of tremendous benefit to the marketing activities. Customization of emails is the fastest and simplest way to get your customers' attention. With LifeMail, you can configure any email you send to every subscription to get high open and conversion rate.

Create a long-term friendship with your customers with stunning newsletters.

Often aim to keep in touch with your subscribers to establish a strong friendship with them. You should submit newsletters for updates on your products or future releases. You should guide them to your blog site to bring your brand in mind.

100% newbie oriented and fully integrated.

Efficient email marketing is all about delivering the right email to the right people at the right time, and our tech team has got this covered and made no hands-on software.

With the strong functionality of LifeMail, you have the full ability to simplify email marketing. The app provides a one-to-one automatic message.

With the strong functionality of LifeMail, you have the full ability to simplify email marketing. The app provides automated, one-to-one notifications through all your marketing platforms, and even a newbie can handle his email marketing strategy without any hassle.

No recurring payments or additional fees

If you're a newbie, beginning with email marketing, sending mail can be an expensive affair. They bill you like wildfire, and you have to pay a heavy subscription fee just to get to your email list.

But LifeMail is the best email marketing technology available today that does not charge any annual fees and allows you to send endless emails with only one press.

Step-by-step training to make life easy for you...

Oh, we know the tech can be complicated. And while LifeMail is easy to use, they needed to be 100% sure it's open to everybody, and everybody will make money from it. That's why they did two things:

#1 In-depth video instruction has been introduced to each feature so you can really look for the best way to do it.

#2 They're now delivering 24*7 on-going help, so you're only a message away from getting your dilemma fixed.

LifeMail Advantages

Let's take a few minutes to recap the advantages you're going to get:

  • Import infinite lists conveniently without any restrictions;
  • Get shiploads of eligible leads with minimal time and resources spent
  • Create good relationships with your subscribers via well-crafted newsletters.
  • Give Limitless emails to Unrestricted Users without paying any monthly fees;
  • Get quicker mailbox delivery, and huge raise opens and make more money off the current subscriber list.
  • Had full oversight of the email marketing strategies
  • Reduce spam reports and protect your brand
  • Enjoy the traffic and resources by submitting Unrestricted & Best Letters.
  • A one-time charge to get rid of massive monthly payment difficulties

LifeMail is 100% beginner-friendly that tackles all the email marketing problems so that you can say goodbye to those expensive autoresponders or mailing apps.

This app gives you lifetime access to the world's most associated friendly e-mail autoresponder with unrestricted features and tremendous benefit opportunities at the Unmatchable One-Time Price...

LifeMail is a 100% mobile-based platform hosted on the cloud. This implies you don't even have to update something. You can use it from any computer that has a connection to the internet at any time.

Lifemail Working

Sending a Lucrative Email has never been easy!

Step #1 – Login to your cloud-based application.

Visually Beautiful Dashboard Displays The Relevant Data You Need To Smash Email Marketing

Step #2 – Configure Email Campaign Import List or Create A New One In Spectacular design Using 100 High-Convert DFY Templates

Step #3 – Kick back and reap the rewards of a good campaign.

Now that you've built up a good email campaign sit and enjoy the advantages of cruise control.

Lifemail Sales funnel

Frontend LifeMail ($14 – $17)

Submit Unlimited Emails to Unlimited List with built-in SMTP for Lifetime, Equipped with Premium Drag and Drop Email Editor, Plan Emails in just a few taps. 100% customization of addresses. Exciting templates are used with this.

OTO #1 LifeMail Pro ($37-$47)

  • Submit Automated Ranges 50+ Premium Email Models
  • Advanced Commercial Licensing Analytics

OTO #2 LifeMail Pro Advanced ($47-$67)

  • The dedicated IP address for your e-mail distribution
  • Integration of the Email Authentication API

OTO #3 LifeMail Optimiser ($47-$67)

  • Link Rotator 
  • Groups of ties
  • Domains Tradition
  • Custom Pages Link
  • Link Splash Page
  • Login Security Monitoring Pixel
  • Place and targeting of the system
  • Multiple URL Reduction

OTO #4 LifeMail Agency ($197-297)

  • Can build over 200 user accounts from your own Dashboard
  • Manage accounts, add or remove users as you wish
  • Charge monthly or one time at your own amount.
  • Simple to use Department Dashboard

OTO #5 WhiteLabel LifeMail ($97)

  • Launch your first Email Marketing Company. 
  • Install your Logo Design and Brand Charge Consumers if you wish.
  • Add an SMTP server with your own

Get LifeMail Now with These Bonuses

Conclusion and our exclusive bonus

Emails are the most powerful way of promoting and sale, general knowledge. So when a workaround like LifeMail arrives your way and tries to make it simpler. It's almost incredible. Where in the world will you get a secure cloud-based server with advanced and insane ease that sends emails to all your subscribers simultaneously? Nowhere but for LifeMail. 

Exclusive Bonuses

BONUS 1: Affiliate Lab

Affiliate Lab is a powerful yet simple PHP affiliate Management System for your new or existing website. Let affiliates sell your products, bring you traffic or even leads and reward them with a commission. More importantly, use Affiliate Pro to track it intelligently to keep your affiliates happy and also your bottom line.

BONUS 2: Store Locator Pro

The Store Locator Pro will be able to list nearby stores/outlets around your web visitors from the nearest to the furthest distance away. Your customers will never be lost again getting to your stores/locations.

BONUS 3: Text-to-image converter

This tool helps you convert text to images. This technique can effectively protect your website against text-crawlers that look for email addresses, phone numbers, and other details.

BONUS 4: Freelancy

Leverage Your Freelancing  Skill with your own Project Management Portal to manage Client's Work. Just upload on LifeHost and your own Freelancing Project Management Portal is ready to serve your clients. 

BONUS 5: File Management System

This is a simple file exchange portal that allows you to easily upload, share and manage your files for you, your users, or your clients.

General Bonuses

1. CloudFare Software

Major features in CloudFlare Software include:

  • Show real IP in your blog.
  • Block selected country to access your blog.
  • Whitelist IP to access your domain name.
  • Blcklist IP to access your domain name.
  • Purge entire cache for your domain name.
  • Purge single file URL for your domain name.
  • Check your domain name analytic.

2. Website Compressor

Compress your websites easily.

3. Key generation software

Generate your custom keys online.

4. Multi Uploader Images

5. Image Server

Retrieve your images at any-size without the need to store Thumbnails and different size images of the same image.

7. Visitor Stats for WordPress

Visitor Stats’ is a WordPress dashboard widget that allows you to monitor visitors to your website in real-time. Easily ban IP addresses from accessing your website, and redirect them to a URL of your choice.

Get LifeMail Now with These Bonuses

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