8 Best free SEO tools or software to improve your website performance

In this post, you will learn about the 8 best free SEO tools or software to improve your website performance. Read to learn more and start getting the results.

8 Best free SEO tools or software to improve your website performance

As a Search Engine Optimization expert, you certainly want to do more things in much less time.

When developing online content, it is essential to have an SEO technique accompanying your online marketing strategy. Using it would ensure that the posts are as streamlined as possible. SEO software will help you find ways to increase the discovery of your site.

SEO may sound overwhelming to novices, but several free SEO resources are just as effective as their paying counterparts.

In this article, I will present a list of 8 cool Seo techniques that are free to use and boost your online marketing strategies

If you're operating on a low budget and need to complete a restricted range of tasks, it's easier to use the free edition.  You should only vote for a premium version when you feel the need for all the tool's functionality.

Ready? Let's talk about the 8 best free SEO software and tools for 2021 to improve your website performance.

  1. SemRush
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Google Analytics
  4. SERP's Rank Checker
  5. Sloth
  6. SEO web page analyser
  7. Keyword tool
  8. Yoast SEO (Free)

8 Best SEO Software and tool of 2021

1. SemRush

SEMrush is indeed one of the best SEO tool or software that any marketer has to use. It performs a detailed SEO audit which shows the percentage of web traffic and the number of backlinks a site has. You will use this method to do keyword study, thematic research and comprehensive competition analysis.

How does it work

Register on SEMrush and access the domains you want to explore. The tool can easily calculate the amount of traffic the platform gets, the top keywords it sends, the overall number of backlinks, the respective domains, and the major organic competitions. SEMrush also provides a concise description of the anchor text and the related form.


  • This platform allows you to do a thorough audit of the technical web.
  • You should do a dynamic Domain vs Domain comparison.
  • The Backlink Evaluation Tool lets you dive deeper to explore connections that point to some domain.
  • The keyword analysis tool allows you to identify the right keywords for your initiative.
  • The content analyzer analyses the accuracy of the content on your web and outlines the main problems involved.

How it is useful

SEMrush is one of the most common SEO tools available in the online marketing industry. Suppose you want to look at every part of Search Engine Optimization, right from keyword analysis to link construction. If you want to get started with only one instrument, then SEMrush must be your first option.

2. Google Search Console

Free seo software

This Free SEO tool or software Monitor website info, including visitors, connections, and problems relating to technical sites.

Using the Google Search Console to see the blog as Google sees it. Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, GSC provides users with a snapshot of their site's success, including organic search traffic, connection info, and site-impact problems, so that you can "make your site shine" in search results.

More granular than other site inspection software, GSC breaks down the site information into multiple categories to view organic search traffic statistics in one easy-to-use location. While any marketer can make the most of using it, this method is actually for SEOs.


  • Identify Errors for Index Coverage Study.
  • Sitemaps Information for Index Coverage Study.
  • Get as Google via the Link Inspection Software
  • User-management is currently in Settings.
  • Old functions are being removed.

How it is useful

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google that lets you track, manage, and troubleshoot your site's appearance in Google Search results. You don't need to sign up for the Search Console to be included in the Google Search results, but Search Console lets you consider and refine how Google views the blog.

3. Google Analytics

This free SEO tool or software conduct keyword analysis to develop a content marketing campaign.

If it hasn't been obvious yet, Google provides some of the easiest and most consistent free SEO keyword software for beginners and experienced. One such app, the Google Keyword Organizer, can be included in Google Ads within Tools. It's an easy and free way to discover new keyword options for a particular name.

It also displays theoretically relevant keywords and their search quantities. It's part of Google Ads, of course, so you can sign up for an account and use the planner while conducting any initiatives.


  • With Google Analytics, you could see how much traffic is flowing to the platform and how users will get there.
  • With the aid of Campaign Parameter Monitoring, you can quickly figure out which promotions drive optimum traffic and conversion and improve online marketing strategies.
  • With the aid of Goal Monitoring and Funnel Migration Route, you will figure out how many users are transitioning but which method they are using to migrate.
  • With the User Reports aid, you can start understanding the audience, their demographic, and the device they use to visit your platform.

How it is useful

This tool contains a lot of data that comes straight from Google. You will determine the net visits to your blog, the total conversion and the net profit derived from your site. You can trust the results and take the necessary steps to improve the site further.

4. SERP’s Rank Checker

You must know how all of your pages perform based on their keywords – and this keywords ranking checker will help.  You will browse on Google keywords and domains or keywords. You can see the latest rating based on the computer you are using.


  • You can conveniently watch your website's rating at chosen locations without having to search it on Google and without using a VPN manually.
  • SERPs also provides other free software such as the Keyword Research Database and the Google Maps Changer.
  • With the Position Changer's assistance, you can monitor the place of your keywords at a variety of destinations.

Why this is Useful

You can conveniently monitor keyword rankings without having to search them on Google+ manually.

You can only search one keyword for the free edition at a time, so you need to buy the Premium version for $99 a month to watch up to 1,000 keywords.

5. Sloth

image credits: https://www.contentkingapp.com

Sloth free SEO tool or software assists you use Cloud flare Workforce, along with their substantial network of global data centres, integrate hre flang, perform A/B testing, reconfigure your robots.txt document and even retrieve log files.


  • Integrate redirects to 301 and 302.
  • Integrate Hreflang to the HTML header.
  • Modification of your robot.txt files
  • Incorporate the headers of security.
  • Collect log files from a server proposal, optimal for Salesforce Commerce Cloud web pages, or those in which logs are not stored.

How it is useful

When working at the corporate level, it is not unusual to experience roadblocks when attempting to enact solutions to relatively common SEO tasks, such as redirecting to hre flang tags.

Sloth allows you to use Cloud flare Workers to run JavaScript on your hand without impacting the network architecture, which means that you can remove any hurdles to get your jobs done.

6. SEO Web Page Analyzer

Image Credits: https://www.seoclarity.net/

I suppose you're already doing this, but for those who are really new to SEO, this is the platform that you really ought to use, at least regularly.

Here's another excellent on-page research method to explain how technical features, links and more impact a given page. The tool gives you an SEO score of 1 to 100, but the real benefit is its ability to layout problem areas in a clear-cut report. Fixing the trouble areas is going to really improve the SEO effort.

SEO Web Page Analyzer Free SEO tool or software is the method of carefully reviewing a website to understand how well the service has been optimised and what should be done to make the site progress.

SEO Web Page Analyzer allows marketers first to take a closer look at the content on their website.


  • Capacity to edit Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, URLs, and Header Tags.
  • A very well URL structure and a basic 301 switch.
  • Mobile customizability.
  • Effective internal search feature and correct indexing of internal search results pages.

 How it is useful

SEO Web Page Analyzer is the method of carefully reviewing a website to understand how well the service has been optimised and what should be done to make the site progress. SEO research allows marketers first to take a closer look at the content on their website and improves online marketing strategies.

7. Keyword Tool

Keyword research is certainly one of the most critical activities that any SEO has to do, but keyword research is a moment operation without access to modern resources.

The Keyword Tool is a free alternative to the Google Keyword Planner, which provides a lot of relevant keyword tips for each form of analysis.

You should use a programme like the Keyword Tool instead. It will give us a lot of information and help you filter down correctly with your search keywords. Also,  ideas on similar keywords may be provided.


  • Offers up to 700+ searching terms for each keyword analysis.
  • The greatest feature of this is that the analysis uses long-tail keywords in the data. 
  • You may also pick which nation to search for keywords, on which website and in which dialect.
  • Also, you can weed out derogatory keywords and sort keyword recommendations or general queries that use your keyword.

Why this is Useful

This method is great whenever you're searching for the unique words that the audience uses to find you. It's close to doing an incognito search for Google, but with more added meaning.

8. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a free WP plugin that allows your web's optimisation as easy and transparent as it should be for newcomers.

Yoast SEO allows you full control over the optimization of the platform for unique keywords. Its built-in support also ensures that complex processes, such as incorporating formal data blocks and FAQs, are made even simpler.

If you have inserted the focus keyword for a tab, the tool will give you a range of pointers for troubleshooting and enhancement, but it will also show you what you have optimised correctly.

It uses a simplistic traffic light scheme that demonstrates where changes will be made on a page-by-page schedule, so it's a perfect way to look after the person.


  • Get links to their online courses.
  • Manually add similar key phrases to your text.
  • Just One keyword or keyphrases
  • Manually investigate, adjust and upgrade content. Keep a close eye on all sites constantly.
  • There are no shipments. You're going to have to scroll around your website and build this Excel dashboard yourself.
  • Any time you post content, you have to distribute the content personally.

How it is useful

It strengthens the professional SEO by taking care of a lot of technical issues in the context. The Yoast plugin lets you boost your material's usability by offering input that you can quickly integrate into your own style of writing.

Final Words

I hope this post can give you some insight into the 8 best free SEO tools of 2021 and what they can do for you! 

You're sure to find a tool that suits your desires, and if you find one that works well, stick with it. Whatever tool and method you use, make sure you maximise all the profit you can get from it.

Integration and development are probably the most critical facets of search engine optimization – but all the findings and advice in the world are worthless if you don't push through and implement.

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