5 Ways to Use Social Media Video for Your Marketing Goals

In this article you will get to know about the importance of social media videos to achieve your marketing goals. Look at the 5 best ways

5 Ways to Use Social Media Video for Your Marketing Goals

There is no question that social media video is an essential element of an effective, long-term video marketing campaign. After all, video quality is what powers the Internet today to a great degree. And this is continuing to do so.

Videos are now becoming a trend on social media, particularly on smartphones. Last year, the number of time people viewing Facebook Live Video every day had risen by four times, and Instagram videos by 80%.

To make entertaining social media content, Facebook advises making videos as short as 15 seconds.

Sounds better, huh? But where are you starting?

The distinction between social media video and other video categories is essential: social media video is explicitly developed for social networks.

What makes online videos much more essential for content marketers is their growing popularity in social media. Video posting and streaming through multiple social networks have only improved over the years. Today, social networking users watching different forms of video content daily.

The Growth of Social Media Video & Why It is crucial for Industry

No matter how huge your company is or what market you're in, if you haven't taken social networking video seriously, it's about time you do it. And if you're not using the technique of social media video marketing to expand your company, you're simply throwing money on the table.

Ask every active Facebook or Instagram user about the significance of video, and accept that it is an integral part of their digital social networking experience. With the popularity of social media video, this should come as no surprise that many corporations are working with marketed video content today.

If you were uninformed of the exponential development of social media video, you should take a hard look at the figures that continue to climb day in and day out.


  • 93 percent of Twitter clips are viewed from smartphones on the move.
  • Views for branded YouTube videos have almost doubled over the past three years.
  • Facebook saw a significant 258 percent spike in branded content viewing from 2016 to 2017.
  • Compared to a picture post, a video post has a 6x higher probability of being retweeted.
  • Facebook Live videos earn 10x more feedback than normal videos.
  • 80percent of Instagram users say they're depending on Instagram live to determine whether to buy a new good or service.
  • As of 2020, 400 million concurrent people are viewing Instagram Stories regularly.

80 percent of advertisers indicated that they were pleased with ROI's social media video advertising.

As compared to traditional marketing material, video content is certainly on edge. It's a lot more exciting to see on their social feed, and users find it easier to connect with it. This is a win-win scenario.

Today, the uniqueness of social media video is that it fits those who wish to make attention-grabbing, high-quality videos. The kind of thing that lets your viewers stop scrolling, sit back and look

This ensures that poor material and dishonest advertisers are out of the way. To be successful, what you need to do is make an extra effort to create and sell the best social media video content—without thinking too much about competitiveness.

In particular, if done correctly, your social media video content will literally behave as a funnel that lets you attract more business by making you:

  • Catch the intended audience's interest
  • Link to them using useful material
  • increase conversions

Let's look at the 5 Ways to Use Social Video for Your Marketing Goals that can help you expand your small business.

5 Ways to Use Social Media Video for Your Marketing Goals

1. Upload native videos 

Facebook is a perfect way to post videos and build brand awareness. However, proceed to upload video content on Facebook instead of sharing direct YouTube links.

Why? Because native videos have been found to work ten times better on Facebook.

A quantitative analysis conducted by Quintly, which examined 167,000 FB accounts and 6 million messages, found that Facebook native videos got 478 percent more views and 110 percent more interactions.

This specifically shows that Facebook gives preference to native videos posted to its website over external content connections from sites such as YouTube.

There may be two potential explanations for why native videos do better:

  • Native videos start to play autoplay as you read down your feed, whereas youtube Video clips need to be operated independently.
  • Within the Facebook network, native videos play while YouTube videos play on an external website, forcing users to view the Facebook site to see the video.

These aspects have a significant part in enhancing the experience of a daily Facebook member. This keeps native videos not only important to viewers but also to Facebook.

2. Adopt storytelling

People have historically been violent to hard selling. It doesn't matter what good is being advertised; we usually don't like being spammed with cold calls or watching meaningless TV commercials.

In addition, the fact is that hard selling is not as effective as it used to be.

Things are changing; people are going to change. Today, it's all about who can share the best story and engage the viewer. That's right; storytelling has turned into a fresh and effective sales pitch that produces real-world outcomes. And the video allows us to share better tales.

When you engage in social media video ads, the rules stay the same. You need to offer tremendous importance and make sure that your video material suits your needs. Storytelling is making you do so.

Below are the three simple steps you can take to incorporate storytelling through social media video:

  1. Introduce the correct form of character to build a relationship or connection with the audience.
  2. Attach an angle that lets you catch and hold the viewer's focus.
  3. Have a strategy to make audiences appreciate what you want to communicate to them

When you precisely concentrate on storytelling, you bring meaning to your social media video post, which in turn allows you to create a powerful identity that your audience can connect to. It also delivers a good message that gives them insight and hits their particular bond.

Obviously the aim is to produce social media video content that can present your brand in a good way. Your company has a personality that you can pull out by storytelling.

3. Stream Events on Facebook Live

One explanation videos perform so well on Facebook is that you don't have to leave the web to watch them. The same can be achieved for live videos when Facebook Live is introduced. You will live stream activities or product releases to connect with your Facebook fans.

If you want to experience the best out of your live streaming experience, it's crucial to optimize your marketing strategies in the following 3 parts:

1. Pre-Event

When you're making a serious effort to stream your live event to Facebook, it's important that you start promoting it in advance. Why?

Because it gives the target group a chance to brace for it and come online before it finally happens.

Also, by having enough "teaser" details at this point, you can easily generate suspense and excitement for your viewers by adding a timer to your Facebook Live event. 

To ensure that everything is going on, you should also make a mock broadcast to your viewers. It also means that you spot some bugs beforehand and lets the fans exactly what they should expect. You should try and see, for example, whether the viewers can hear you properly.

Additionally, you can prevent some common errors by clearly making the requisite social media guidelines to communicate with your viewers through live broadcast.

2. Real-Time broadcasts

When it's time for a real-time broadcast, you can guarantee that the audience gets the full benefit of the event you're performing.

Make sure the crowd isn't left in the dark for the entire thing. It's essential to provide a concise explanation of your live video that includes the required information.

As you start streaming your live show, give your viewers a quick introduction so they can continue to connect with your viewers. They're going to know exactly who you are and what you plan to offer. Aim to make the live-action coverage as useful as possible.

Don't forget to add an appropriate CTA at the end of the telecast to convert the audiences.

The CTA might be as easy as telling them to join your Facebook page if they're not already there.

3. Post-Event:

If you've completed the event, go ahead, and support your Facebook Live stream's content. And there might be curious viewers who have not been able to keep up with the live show.

Accessing a captured version of the stream will prove useful to someone who wishes to watch it on request.

4. Share short, value-driven videos.

Want to get more interaction from your social media video? Try making short, useful video clips. When done right, these videos will help your brand draw the right interest, spread brand recognition, and even increase your organic reach. We're creating short video content tips for our customers.

Of course, Only look around and see various video formats created and shared on different social media sites, right from the 60-second videos on Instagram to the insightful two-minute videos on Facebook. Quick videos are famous as they're running.

According to Hubspot's study, here are the most suggested time periods for social media video to achieve the best results:

  • Instagram : 26 sec
  • Twitter: 45 sec
  • Facebook: 1 min
  • YouTube: 2 min

Good social media advertising is for immediate satisfaction, and that's what users are requesting. Users on social media today tend to...

  • Consume material without losing a lot of time
  • Keep note of the new trends surrounding them
  • Be notified about the trending trends of their interest

Quick videos are great for people searching for interesting knowledge, but they consume a lot of time on it. No wonder 80 percent of social media content is being watch on smartphones.

One of the most powerful ways to harness the power of quick social media video content is to concentrate on making tips or how-to videos that shed light on your product's functioning or help people learn how to fix their problems.

5. Testimonials of the customers.

Moreover, build a video that takes the good word of mouth directly to the audience with videos containing messages from happy consumers, or even a video that shows a moving story from only one customer.

Final words

So if you haven't even used social media videos in your promotional campaign, you recognize you should. And now you have the resources to get you started, too. If you're more of a type of person who don't like being too advance, try employing a social media marketing firm to help you develop and distribute your video content.

Do you still have concerns about social media video marketing? Leave it in the comments section, and you will be replied to by one of our social networking professionals.

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